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Ricoh - Commercial

Land based drilling rig

Stars air ambulance (helicopter)


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The project (1987 Jeep CJ 7....modified for extreme off-road) was created as a personal trial in automotive detail. It was started as a testament to the level of detail that can be modeled in a 3D scene. Currently this project is roughly 60% complete, but due to working commitments it is currently on hold.


WIP(work in progress



View Demo Reel for more OHVX footage:

Low resolution(320x240 - Quicktime - 33mb): http://www.cdmedia-studio.com/DD_Lajeunesse_320x240.mov

High resolution(720x480 - Quicktime - 89mb): http://www.cdmedia-studio.com/DD_Lajeunesse_720x480.mov

High resolution PAL (720x576 - Quicktime - 86mb): http://www.cdmedia-studio.com/DD_Lajeunesse_720x576.mov

More to come!




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