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About the Reality Model Set

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SEE--->How the Reality Model set is being used by a medical University in its Virtual Reality Lab

Reviews about the textbook which used the Reality Human Anatomy Model Set for its 3D content:

"Realism A Study in Human Structural Anatomy"

Review (Inside CG)

Interview February 2003 (CG Works)

Interview July 2003 (CG Works)

“Realism A Study in Human Structural Anatomy”
Authors: Darryl. Lajeunesse, Carol Edwards, Brenda Grosenick
Publisher: Kasterstener Publications


Reality Manual(detailed breakdown)...doc

Reality Manual(detailed breakdown)...pdf


Preface comments from the above textbook:












Other Professional Comments about the Realism textbook:



























With a total of 8000 hours and countless professionals in the medical, holistic, and cg arts to create this data set it, is quite simply the most complete musculoskeletal model set of its time. This model set was used in the creation of the very successful internationally released, 3D medical human anatomy textbook known as
“Realism A Study in Human Structural Anatomy”
Authors: Darryl. Lajeunesse, Carol Edwards, Brenda Grosenick
Publisher: Kasterstener Publications
This model set was so widely accepted by the medical anatomist community that it is now being used by the University of Calgary for the exploration of genomic extrapolation onto the human musculoskeletal system.
The general break down of the model set consists of over 2000 independently modeled objects and over 4000 modeled and textured structures. Its moderate poly count of 1.2 million and high resolution texture maps (475mb total – uncompressed tiff's), makes for an extremely flexible model set that will allow developers, artists and educators world wide to tap into the medical, educational, legal, research, commercial, and entertainment industry.

The models of this data set are all in an editable mesh format that have been independently uvw mapped lending extreme flexibility to export both model and texture maps into other platforms.
The entire data set and its structures are all named to medical standards for a clear understanding of the structure and their location. Even 3D artists with only a layman's understanding of anatomy will be able to work with this data set to create the most complex, medically accurate and visually stunning productions at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop a data set of this caliber.

Although the design is complex, the organization of this data set is very simple. The anatomical models are grouped by texture maps and defined by the name of the texture map giving the user an instant navigation structure, which is mandatory with a model data set of this complexity.




"Human Anatomy is an old science and one could probably argue that everything related to it has been said and done shortly after Leonardo da Vinci’s time. While this may be true in general, every once in a while something truly outstanding happens, which advances a field where no major advances are to be expected anymore. One such event is “Realism”, which pushes the level of graphical detail available in human anatomy to unprecedented heights. Thousands of computer objects, representing the bones and muscles of the human body, were constructed in three dimensions. Image maps with very high resolution were painted onto the objects to give them very realistic color rendition and textures. The resulting anatomical objects are astounding in their appearance and will be extremely useful for teaching and research. Students and teachers alike will enjoy the book, which allows one to marvel at the beauty of the construction of the human body."

Prof. Dr. Christoph W. Sensen

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Calgary, AB




“The amount of detail in the models is unparalleled. Anyone who is a student of the human body should have this book in their collection. References are constantly needed during the character creation process in gaming and having a book with so much detail only helps to create a better product. In my field having such a good reference is invaluable.”

Jesse Brophy,

Character Artist/Technical Artist Sony


"This book is nothing shy of phenomenal! It is absolutely packed with 3D rendered images of various parts of the human structural system. The graphics themselves look almost alive. It is, without a doubt, the most incredible example available of the use of 3D software to demonstrate the composition of a human being. This book is a must for anyone who is studying the muscular and skeletal anatomy of humans! You have to see this book to believe it. The detail of the images will blow you away! All images were created with 3ds max, and rendered in Mental Ray."

Jason Busby 3D Buzz (owner and administrator)


"This is a remarkable work, accurate, unique, elegant and beautiful. Born of countless hours of painstaking attention to detail and the product of the best computer assisted artistic tools, this is anatomy at its best. These images will instruct and inspire every serious student of human structure, be they health care professionals, artists or others interested in the wonders of the human body."

Dave Dawson,

MD FRCP (Gen Path)

Red Deer, AB


"The visual impact of this graphic representation provides a great guide for anatomy professionals."

Dr. Real Gaboriault,


Montreal QC


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